$DHD Sup girls i am DHD coin,

welcome aboard.


Sup girls i am DHD coin


The total unlocked supply is 10M (10,000,000 $DHD)


The token community was formed in a Telegram channel and has more than 15,000 users


2.000,000 $DHD were sold in an Pre-ICO.

Presale PRICE

1 TON -> 1000 $DHD
Min buy 1 TON
Max buy 100 TON

  • ICO40%
  • Team15%
  • Marketing10%
  • DEX / CEX20%
  • Grant10%


Don't get scammed EQBCFwW8uFUh-amdRmNY9NyeDEaeDYXd9ggJGsicpqVcHq7B

Name: DHD Coin

At the moment $DHD token allows you to:

- To purchase in-game artifacts in the game @DHDGame_Bot

- As currency in the @Jetton_Games_bot gambling establishment

- To pay for promotion of your projects in @coindhd and @wayofdhd channels

- To purchase legendary NFTs from the Way Of DHD collection at a 20% discount

- For access to the private DHD Sharks Club community

- As a means of expressing your attitude towards an opponent with whom you do not fully agree

- As a worthy decoration and indispensable attribute of wallets with a large TON balance

- As a symbol and amulet, which brings good luck and prosperity in every home

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